Le Répertoire est le bottin réunissant tous les groupes que nous avons contactés et dont la forme organisationnelle s’apparente à de l’autogestion ou à ce qu’on a nommé « l’autonomie collective ». Les principaux critères utilisés afin de déterminer si un groupe possède un fonctionnement autogéré sont : une prise de décision horizontale et consensuelle basée sur la démocratie directe et/ou participative. Les coordonnées de chacun des collectifs accompagnent la description de ces derniers ainsi que les sigles correspondant aux caractéristiques qu’ils s’attribuent. À noter que tous les groupes présents ont approuvé la totalité des propos rapportés et que ce sont eux qui ont la responsabilité de nous contacter si des mises à jour doivent être apportées.

Si vous appartenez à un groupe (ou connaissez un groupe) qui aurait sa place dans le répertoire de l’autonomie collective, n’hésitez pas à attirer notre attention! Vous pouvez communiquer avec nous via ce formulaire.

L’équipe du CRAC-K


Collective Autonomy Directory

The directory is a repertory of all the groups we contacted who are organized along the lines of self-management or what is called “collective autonomy”. The chief criterion used to determine if a group is self-managed is horizontal and consensual decision-making based on direct and/or participatory democracy. A description of each collective is provided along with contact information and symbols identifying the characteristics used by the group to define itself. All groups included in the directory have approved what is said here about them and they have the responsibility to contact us if updates are needed.

If you belong to (or know of) a group that ought to be included in the Collective Autonomy Directory, don’t hesitate to let us know! You can use this form to contact us.

CRAC-K members


Homes Not Bombs – Montreal

  • Anarchiste/Libertaire
  • Anti-autoritaire/Horizontal
  • Antispéciste
  • Écologiste
16 October 2010
Montreal, but chapters exist in other parts of the world

“The name Homes not Bombs sums up our basic principle: society should support life, not death. (…) In a way, poverty is a form of violence, and its form of expression is hunger.” On this basis, the collective recuperates food, cooks it and offers free, vegan food during activist events, protests, street festivals, etc, as well as to people living in the streets. Part of the global Food not Bombs movement.

La Mauvaise herbe (The Weed)

  • Anarchiste/Libertaire
  • Anti-autoritaire/Horizontal
  • Antispéciste
  • Écologiste
17 October 2010

La Maivaise herbe is a collective which publishes an anarcho-ecologist journal of the same name. The collective also distributes new and used books, brochures about anarchism, radical ecology, de-domestication, indigenous struggles, animal liberation as well as critiques of capitalism, civilization, technology/industry and organizational fetishism. It brings together anarchists from diverse tendencies, thus promoting the diversity that anarchism can (and must!) assume.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC Canada)

  • Anti-autoritaire/Horizontal
  • Antispéciste
18 October 2010
Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa

As its name indicates, the main aim of SHAC is to close the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory, because it does tests and experiments on animals. To this end, SHAC targets the lab’s business clients around the world. SHAC organizes information tables, protests in front of these companies as well as home demos.