Activities : Workshop on dec 4 // reflection week-end on feb 12 and 13
19 November 2010

CRAC-K, the Research Group on Collective Autonomy, has been working for five years now to document the anti-authoritarian milieu, and has arrived at a stage of validation and diffusion of results. In addition to completing monographs (of which four have already been published), the collective has been holding workshops for a broader public, the communitarian milieu.

Mark your agenda with these two important dates !!!

*** The workshop on dec 4th will begin at 3pm, instead of 1pm.

 “Anti-authoritarian activism 101: actions, values and principles” –

Discussion and debate in a workshop facilitated by CRAC

4 December, 2010
2149 McKay
3-5pm Workshop
5-7pm Beverages

We are soliciting your participation in a trial run of a workshop that has been prepared, based on our research, with the intention of addressing a diverse range of groups and environments in order to demystify the anti-authoritarian milieu.

 “Week-end of reflection: issues and debates in the anti-authoritarian milieu” – (specifics to be determined)

12-13 February, 2011
Camp Val-Estrie

Transportation, accommodation and food will be provided (free of cost).

Two days of meetings and discussions on themes emerging from CRAC’s analysis in conjunction with activists engaged in the production of monographs, of the anti-authoritarian milieu, and equally importantly, emerging from the experiences of the anti-authoritarian milieu itself.

Details to come.

* If you are interested in any of these activities, please send an email to

*Space is limited.

*Participants in the weekend of reflection need to belong to a group, or be referred.

The groups and networks studied in the monograph project are as follows: eco-radical collective Liberterre, feminist radio program Ainsi squattent-elles!, Ste-Emilie Skillshare, les Pantheres roses (the Pink Panthers), la Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes (CLAC), the radical feminist network, the network of (pro)feminists in anti-racist and anti-colonial organizing, and Q-TEAM.

125 people have participated in individual interviews and some have also had collective discussions with their group or network. An analysis across these interviews and the monographs has allowed us to draw certain conclusions that we wish to discuss with others in the milieu in order to validate our findings.