CRAC focuses on groups whose organizational forms are related to self-management, or collective autonomy, in Quebec. However, we are also aware of the fact that highly interesting experiences are taking place elsewhere. The Links section is a way of making some of these experiences known.

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Anarchist Archive
Anarchist Archive

The Anarchist Archive is devoted to the study of anarchism, with a special focus on the history of the movement in Canada. Holdings include the papers of British anarchist and art critic Herbert Read; activist and prison abolitionist Jim Campbell; Keith McHenry, founder of the international activist organization Food Not Bombs; and Ann Hansen, author of Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerrilla. Issues relevant to the collection include Indigenous struggles, anti-war activism, ecological militancy, prison abolition, decolonization, feminism, queer politics, and radicalism in the arts.

Founded in 2005 by Director Allan Antliff, the Anarchist Archive has a special mandate to collect and preserve anarchist-related materials, including posters, photographs, art work, videos, audio recordings, journals, pamphlets and zines, books, oral histories, correspondence (written and digital), organizational records, and other items.  The Archive also houses a Digitization Centre devoted to scanning materials for preservation purposes and to facilitate on-line accessibility for researchers across Canada and internationally.

The Anarchist Archive is a public institution and research inquiries are welcome.


Allan Antliff, Director and Acquisitions Advisor: 250-361-4986
Lara Wilson, Archivist and Acquisitions: 250-472-4480
Chris Petter, Archivist and Acquisitions: 250-721-8247

On the WEB is the product of international co-operation between anarchist organizations and individuals who agree with our Editorial Statement (see below). It is intended to further communication, discussion and debate within the global anarchist movement. Our intention is to build this site into a resource that is truly global and multilingual.


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